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My visit to Dorset

I visited Dorset recently and saw some great legs, and tried out a self propelled wheelchair. My old one kept breaking, so Mummy contacted the local wheelchair service and i got a new one a few weeks later. I like being able to move around myself instead of being pushed! This will help me get around while I am getting better!


My 21st Operation

Charlotte was due to have her 20th Operation last week but before that could happen, her leg became swollen and infected she had to go into hospital a few days earlier. Unfortunately the first procedure didn't work, and Charlotte's stitches came out on Sunday leaving an open wound until she went to theatre again on Tuesday for her 21st Operation. We are so pleased this was a success and Charlotte was finally able to come home yesterday.

Charlotte will need to have an MRI in the next few weeks to check the extent of the infection. In the meantime she will be taking a high dose of antibiotics. All of this only accounts for her left leg, she will need to have the right leg operated on in the future. Unfortunately these operations will continue throughout Charlotte's childhood.

This is why we want Charlotte to have the best prosthetics available, and never have to fight or struggle for anything that she needs in order to aid her independence, as she has been through enough already.


Over the the last few months I have'nt been able to swim because I have had a blister on my leg. Now it is finally healed I am looking forward to starting up my swimming lessons with my instructor Andrew again.

I have a new split hook from the Dorset Orthopaedic Centre. I really love the colours and i have been showing it off to my friends and family. I have to see the physio next week for some training so i can start wearing it in class when i go back to school.

Meeting paralympians

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