Our Story

Charlotte Nott contracted Meningitis and Septicaemia in December 2010 aged two. For her parents, Alex and Jenny, her family and her extended family it was a harrowing time. Charlotte spent weeks in hospital battling this deadly disease and survived against all odds, although tragically losing all four limbs below the joints.

Charlotte has amazing fighting spirit and within weeks of coming home she was again playing with her brother George, using the computer and drawing. There has also been an addition to the family and Charlotte loves to help her mum Jenny with baby Libby. She is now nearly five and started “big” school in September which she is really enjoying. She is bright and articulate and is really determined to do her best at everything she does.

In the two years since the illness Charlotte has been back in hospital many times and has recently had further operations on her legs. Charlotte has also suffered many infections and has just finished another 3 months of medication. As Charlotte grows she will most likely need further surgery on the bones in her legs. The after effects of the disease are life long and will make a huge impact on Charlotte’s life and her loving family. Although it continues to be a tough time, Charlotte and her positive personality helps everyone close to her keep smiling and look to the future.

An appeal was set up for Charlotte as the overall lifelong cost is huge. For example Charlotte has to have privately made artificial legs at the cost of 6k. These legs have given Charlotte a new lease of life but they only last 9-12 months. A pair of legs to allow Charlotte to run is £9K and again these only last a maximum of one year as Charlotte is still growing. Money raised for Charlotte will ensure that she will be able to enjoy the future she deserves and any contribution you can make will make a difference.

Thank you for your support.

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